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"Build in the Hills"

Hills Remedy 

Toledo, Ohio

Build in the Hills gang 6-2011.JPG

Our Story

Our search for the perfect salve, started out of pain and desperation in the hills of Kentucky. This is a Beverly Hillbilly’s type of story, only in reverse. You see, we are over aged, out of shape and over the hill city folks and for some insane reason, thought we could build our own cabin, with our own soft hands, in the hills of Kentucky. 
We are truly beyond our prime and we hurt all over. This is what inspired Kathy, the always on duty mom, to fix and heal everything and everyone. I was her first guinea pig for the sore muscle salve… We called it “Over Did It.” It is a must have for every trip.
Kathy soon became a regular customer at our local health food stores where she was buying herbs, learning oils, and talking recipes. It’s great she didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and so many people took her under their wing.
Let’s add another guinea pig – Kathy’s brother, Scott – who is our partner in this “build in the hills” adventure. He has battled arthritis for years, especially his fingers and knees. Kathy developed an arthritis salve, which we named after Scott’s crooked fingers. In one of the trial and error phases for Crooked Finger, Scott’s hands turned a beautiful shade of neon gold from the boswellia. The color clashed with his business suits… So, back to the drawing board. The outcome of this process resulted in two very effective arthritis salves, and you will not have to wear gloves to business meetings.
Scott and our youngest daughter Marianne, started calling the hills our “itchy scratchy” place. So once again Kathy jumped into action and we now roll on Bugs Away. Soon our little friends stopped coming to visit us.
So there you have it, our itchy-scratchy place in the hills. Truly our slice of heaven.
As the “build in the hills” adventure continues so will the development of new remedies.


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