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Nature’s Remedy for:

Cuts, Scrapes, Scratches

Acne and Rashes 

Slow Healing Wounds


Skin Infections

Skin, Bone, and Muscle Injuries


Lessens Scars and Mild Bruising

Mild Burns and Scalds

Mild Arthritis 

Mild Eczema

NATURE’S REMEDY reduces inflammation, acts as a mild topical analgesic, promotes healthy skin, speeds healing, and stimulates the immune system… All in one!

NATURE’S REMEDY utilizes the incredible healing power of golden seal and myrrh. This jammed-packed-with-nature’s-greatest-healing-herbs “wonder salve” is indispensable for the whole family.


NATURE’S REMEDY was originally developed as a healing salve to use on cuts and scrapes from the hills of Kentucky. Our dog, Cadie, wore the pads of her hind feet rawwhile swimming in a shallow creek bed. After a couple of days with NATURE’S REMEDY,gauze, and a little TLC, she was good as new.


Apply anywhere on the skin that needs healing relief. Do not use on open wounds.


Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.



Nature's Remedy

  • Made with these all natural ingredients:

    OLIVE OIL is a superior moisturizer that also nourishes the skin.

    BEESWAX softens and protects the skin and is used to solidify the oils.

    CALENDULA promotes skin health, soothes inflamed tissue, reduces pain, and aids in quick healing of cuts and abrasions.

    COMFREY is valuable to treat skin, bone, and muscle injuries. It helps to relieve pain from insect bites and is a wonderful remedy for cuts and skin infections.

    ECHINACEA is a highly effective wound-healing plant which generously stimulates the immune system. It is especially useful in treating longstanding wounds that are slow to heal. Aids healing of minor skin wounds, burns, eczema and reduces inflammation.

    GOLDEN SEAL has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities making it useful in treating fungal infections and healing wounds.

    MARSHMALLOW is an anti-inflammatory treatment for swelling, puncture wounds, infected wounds and splinters. Marshmallow soothes as it protects.

    MUGWORT has mild topical anesthetic properties and is helpful in healing bruises and sprains.

    PEPPERMINT has a cooling effect on the skin as it treats wounds, burns, scalds, and cold sores.

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