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Dry, Cracked Lips

Cold Sores


HEALIN’ LIP BALM helps prevent cold sores, too. Rub a tad on your lips when you first feel the “tingle” of a cold sore. The secret is in the emu oil! Every pocket (and toolbox) needs a tin of this HEALIN’ LIP BALM to keep your dry lips from crackin’. Rub on a bit of this powerhouse lip balm during the day to see how soft and healthy your lips will be! Also try COLD SORE BALM: same ingredients but in a convenient twist up!


Apply generously to your lips as needed to soothe and heal.


Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

More than Lip Service - Cold Sore Balm

  • Made with all natural ingredients:

    EMU OIL is a natural anti-inflammatory with healing properties.

    ALMOND OIL is a superior emollient that helps relieve irritation and inflammation.

    AVOCADO OIL is a good base for salves used to treat dry skin and other

    skin problems.

    BEESWAX softens and protects skin and is used to solidify the oils.

    LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL aids in healing.

    TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL effectively aids in the healing of cold sores.

    LIME ESSENTIAL OIL effectively treats cold sore infections and aids in the healing of minor skin irritations.

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